Tula is the Famous "PhoDographer"

What is a dog's happiest time? Unleashed, unfettered, and free. For many dogs, this means an off-leash dog park. These pictures were taken by our dog, Tula, who wears a GoPro camera attached to a harness while she runs and plays at the dog park. We think she gets remarkable shots. We hope you enjoy them, too. Click on your favorite platform to follow us and see more photos.

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What people are saying!

Instagram: Lisaliebman1: You are the best. I am envious of you and Tula and I enjoy her pics each and every day. You brighten my life!
Facebook: Kate Becker: This has become my favorite Facebook page.
Instagram: Kcarnahan76: So loving these pictures. #makesmesmile
Twitter: Tv Bossy-Pants, esq: you have no idea how happy these pictures make me!
Instagram: Lindathompson29: Congrats! Tula's pics are the highlight of my day! Thanks Tula.
Facebook: Gordon Evoy: I find it amazing the pictures you get with this camera. The expressions it captures is unbelievable. Great idea and please keep posting the shots for us. Thanks. Take care.
Twitter: Steve Gaines: Another incredible viewpoint from Tula. These rock! Tula is my new fav photog. (Or is that pho-dog?). Thank YOU!

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